1) ADV: ADV before v, ADV group If you say that something is presently happening, you mean that it is happening now.

She is presently developing a number of projects...

The island is presently uninhabited...

He is presently the medical director for the Fellowship of World Christians.

at present, currently
2) ADV: ADV with cl You use presently to indicate that something happened quite a short time after the time or event that you have just mentioned. [WRITTEN]

He was shown to a small office. Presently, a young woman in a white coat came in...

`You're not looking too well, Thomas,' he said presently.

3) ADV: ADV after v If you say that something will happen presently, you mean that it will happen quite soon. [FORMAL]

`Who's Agnes?' - `You'll be meeting her presently.'...

`Just take it easy,' David said. `You'll feel better presently.'


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